I Need to Smile More Often – the Yogurt Story

03256-bestpicjenThirty plus years since the car accident, and my disabled daughter Jen’s short-term memory seems to be getting worse. A bit at times sad and frustrated, I’ve also been frantic thinking she’s losing her wit – a natural aptitude for using words and ideas in a quick and inventive way to create humor. She could do this before the accident, and she can now also, as evidenced a few nights ago when I realized I need to smile more often. Which I did as she and I had this lively dialogue that I posted on Facebook. Now she’s hoping our blogger friends and anyone else will read it and like the pictures.  So here it is. The Yogurt Story.

It’s bedtime (late as always) and I’m fixing a small dish of yogurt ’cause she says she’s hungry.
“Bring some for my friends,” she calls out.
“Friends? What friends?” I ask, startled.
“Come and see,” she says.
It’s been a long week battling her cold and mine, and I’m happy she’s chipper. In her room I stare at her two friends, a rabbit and a teddy bear that she puts each night on each side of her head as she sleeps, the bear a gift from her sister, the rabbit from her brother-in-law.
My smile turns to laughter as she says, “They’re hungry. They want some yogurt too.”
Okay Jen. I go to the kitchen, but not to get yogurt for her friends. I get it for me.
When I go back she says, “Look.”
I look, and see the monkey an aide once gave her propped between the rabbit and bear. On its stomach it says Hang In There, its arms around the rabbit and bear, consoling them, Jen says, because they didn’t get any yogurt.

I smile all evening, thinking I need to remember more stories like this from my almost fifty-three years old beautiful and witty daughter Jen Best. I need to smile more often.

4 thoughts on “I Need to Smile More Often – the Yogurt Story

    • So lovely to see you, sis. Jen was happy you liked her imaginative story. Life is getting more difficult for her with her short-term memory getting worse, and I’m trying everything I can to stimulate her brain. She’s in to painting wooden objects…which reminds me to do a post on this. I’m not deep into blogging anymore, as you can tell, and neither are you, as is good since you need to write, write, write, and publish, and travel, which you love. But I see you keep your finger in the blogging pot with WEP and IWSG. Thanks for taking time to stop by. As I said, your comment means a lot to Jen. ((( ))) from both of us, Ann


  1. Jen, you don’t know how much I miss you! I love you very much and I should have kept in touch more. So – I will now. I loved your yogurt story. I don’t understand why your mom didn’t give them at least a taste, but then you have the monkey caretaker to help. Such a clever idea. I think you may remember Taylor. She is now 17 years old. Can’t believe how tall she has gotten. Check out my facebook page and you’ll see some pictures of her. We have a new great granddaughter, Emma. That’s always fun. She makes 10 greats for us. I will post more so you can see more. Hugs to all your friends!!


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