Where I Am Now

I’ve published stories, essays, poetry, and articles in my lifetime, many of which have won awards.  On this site, I’ve highlighted what I’ve published in the last seven years, books you can find on Amazon. You can read about them on my Books page.

I was required to set up a blog in December of 2009 when I signed a contract with WiDo Publishing, a small press in Salt Lake City, Utah that now has over fifty excellent titles in their roster and always looking for more.

For many years I blogged and blogged and met some wonderful writers, most of whom have since had their own books published, or have self-published, and/or are still around on websites and social media.

Now, at age seventy-eight (as of September 2018) I don’t have the energy to blog anymore, partly because I’ve been full-time caregiver of my disabled daughter Jen for over thirty-two years, and we’re both wearing down.

You can read about my journey with her (and her father and her step-father) in my first full-length memoir published by WiDo Publishing in 2011, In the Mirror, a Memoir of Shattered Secrets, in e-book and paperback on Amazon. (See sidebar for a synopsis.)

You can also read about my spiritual journey with Jen in the e-book I hope to have up on Amazon by late October of 2018. Title: My Journey to Christ: Because of Jen. Intended audience: members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (aka Mormons). If you’re not a member and might be confused by “Mormon” jargon, there’s a link on my sidebar to an excellent glossary .

I love meeting new friends and reconnecting with old ones via email: annbest92(at)gmail(dot)com.

Author: Ann Best's Life Stories

Have been a wife and a published author. Still a mother of four, a grandmother, and a writer. For over thirty years a full-time caregiver of a disabled daughter, Jen, who was injured in a car crash February 5, 1986. I love read and write family stories. Jen and I are lifelong members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day, popularly known by our nickname "Mormons."

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