Where I Am Now

I’ve published stories, essays, poetry, and articles in my lifetime, many of which have won awards.

On this website, I highlight what I’ve published in the last seven years, books you can find on Amazon. You can read about them on my Books page.

I no longer blog, but I used to. In fact, I was required to blog beginning in 2009 when I signed a contract with WiDo Publishing, a small press in Salt Lake City, Utah that now has over fifty excellent titles in their roster and always looking for more.

I blogged and blogged, making many wonderful friends, most of whom have since had their own books published, or have self-published, and/or are still around on websites and social media. Blogging just isn’t what it used to be. How the world  has changed!

Now, at age seventy-eight (as of September 2018) I don’t really have the energy to blog anymore, partly because I’ve been full-time caregiver of my disabled daughter Jen for over thirty-two years, and we’re both wearing down.

You can read about my journey with her (and her father and her step-father) in my first full-length memoir published by WiDo Publishing in 2011, In the Mirror, a Memoir of Shattered Secrets, in e-book and paperback on Amazon. (See sidebar for a synopsis.)

You can also read about my spiritual journey with Jen in the e-book or paperback I hope to have up on Amazon by October of 2018. Title: My Journey to Christ: Because of Jen.  Intended audience: members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (aka Mormons). If you’re not a member and might be confused by “Mormon” jargon, there’s a link on my sidebar to an excellent glossary .

I love meeting new friends and reconnecting with old ones via email: annbest92(at)gmail(dot)com.